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We offer many estate sale services

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Alliance Estate Sales LLC has over 10 years of experience in offering a host of real estate sales related solutions to different customers all over Georgia. We are fully committed to service excellence thanks to our unwavering attention to detail, which ensures that we keep our customers happy.

We offer a wide range of Georgia estate sale services at fair and competitive prices and go out of our way to please our customers:

  • Staging for customer presentation
  • Liquidation of household goods
  • Evaluation and pricing for optimum results
  • Appraisal and research for pricing
  • Real Estate and Liability Issues
  • Conducting the sale
  • Disposition of items at the conclusion of the sale and coordination if items should be moved to other locations.

We use off-duty fire department personnel to assist in such activities as sale preparation and strive to offer customized solutions for different customers based on their needs. We are one of the few estate sale companies in Georgia that has experienced and dedicated personnel and management teams that aim at keeping all customers happy through innovative and customized solutions.

To make this possible, we are in constant contact with all customers to enable them to understand the entire process. Whether you are physically present or want to coordinate everything via phone, we guarantee consistency in our service delivery. We offer unmatched level of customer support thanks to our efficiency in coordinating all communications with clients between our two locations. 

Whether you visit our South Atlanta office or the Macon office at any time, we promise that you will find someone who can offer responses without seeming clueless about the discussions you had in the other office; we will never keep you waiting or take you in circles in our service delivery process.

Experience our fresh and professional approach by hiring us today; we promise never to disappoint!